Dr Judy Taggart Veterinarian

Judy graduated from Glasgow University Vet School in 1992 and in 2022 will celebrate 30 years as a vet. The first 15 years of her career were spent in mixed and companion animal and practice in the south of England, followed by a return to Glasgow 15 years ago, where she works in small animal practice. As a general practitioner she loves being able to help pet owners and their 4-legged family members with the full spectrum of their issues and concerns, recognising that her wide experience and communication skills are some of the upsides of her advancing age! Judy is currently studying for a Masters degree in One Health - a discipline that uses an integrated approach in human, animal and environmental health, to improve outcomes in all three areas. The use of telemedicine (health care via video) is an important aspect of this approach to global development, and she is very excited about using this resource. She has two school age children, two preloved terriers and the recent addition of George, the preloved corn snake (she is surprised how attached she has become to gorgeous George!). Judy joined FirstVet in May 2021.

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