Bought By Many customers get free access to FirstVet

We’ve got exciting news for you, Bought By Many has teamed up with FirstVet to offer their customers 24/7 free unlimited access to video consultations with qualified vets, through the FirstVet app.

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What is FirstVet?

  • With the FirstVet app, you can video chat with a vet if you are worried about your pet’s health but aren’t sure if they need to visit a vet. Many conditions can be solved in the comfort of your own home.
  • FirstVet’s experienced vets can provide advice, treatment recommendations and a referral to your local vet practice, if necessary.
  • Using the FirstVet service will not affect your cover in any way.
  • It’s important to note that if your pet is seriously injured or in need of immediate medical assistance, you should take them straight to your local practice.

Why did Bought By Many choose FirstVet?

FirstVet has helped more than 150,000 pet owners around Europe since its launch in 2016. It has given over 100,000 consultations and 92% of owners have given it 5-stars. Here's why:

  • Response time is less than an hour
  • Available 24/7 all year round
  • Video calling allows vets to assess pets accurately

How to get FirstVet

Download the FirstVet app, register with the same email address you're receiving this email on, the mobile phone number you used for your Bought By Many pet insurance - if any - and input your date of birth.

Click ‘My pets’ - the section will already be populated with your pets’ details. If it’s not, go back and make sure you’ve used the correct email address and have entered your date of birth.

When you need a consultation, select your pet, describe its symptoms and choose a time slot.

Open the app at the time of your appointment - the vet will start the video call.