As a Waggel customer, consultations with FirstVet for health conditions covered by your policy are free. FirstVet can also give you advice about all aspects of your pets health and wellbeing, including preventative care and nutrition.

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As a Waggel customer, we have arranged for you to experience 24/7 free access to video consultations with qualified vets, through our new partnerships with FirstVet.

With the FirstVet service, you can video chat with a vet if you are worried about your pet’s health but aren’t sure if they need to visit a vet. Many conditions can be solved in the comfort of your own home!

FirstVet’s experienced vets can provide advice, treatment recommendations and a referral to your local vet practice, if necessary.

Using FirstVet won’t affect your premium and there’s no excess to pay for this service either.

Waggel Customer Reviews

Sara & Bibien

I love Waggel! So user friendly, genuine and easy. As a first time (rescue) dog owner I looked in a lot of places and couldn’t really see what I was getting nor anything that stood out. Enter Waggel! Very happy.

Katie & Matilda

I have complete confidence that my beloved doggo is protected and should anything happen they have got her back. I have also really enjoyed receiving discounts on food and other products which have saved me loads of those bills.