Dr. Carrie Daly Veterinary Technician


Dr. Carrie Daly graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009. She has had an eclectic career since then, having lived and worked in Hong Kong, Minnesota, Oregon, and now Colorado. She has experience in emergency medicine, shelter medicine, wildlife medicine, general practice, and is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in conservation medicine. She loves all animals, but is particularly fond of opinionated older cats. Dr. Daly has 3 human children, as well as a goofy dog named Mabel, a lovely cat named Meredith, and a very naughty cat named Harriet Lilith Nicklenut. For these reasons, she considers herself to be both a manager and a purveyor of chaos! In her free time, Dr. Daly enjoys outdoor time with her kiddos, writing poetry, running trail marathons/ultramarathons, international travel, snowboarding, unsuccessful attempts at meditation, and above all else - a good long nap. Dr. Daly joined FirstVet in 2021.

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