Dr. Janice Thomas Veterinarian

Janice Thomas

Dr. Janice Thomas left cold Cleveland, Ohio and headed south for warmer weather and less snow! She completed her medical studies at Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. Since then, she has practiced in Florida, where she adopted her dog Desi (Arnez)! In October 2017, Dr. Thomas moved to North Carolina. Although a “city-girl” at heart, she has developed an appreciation for the city of Raleigh’s relaxed nature and outdoor activities! When not working you can find Dr. Thomas rehabbing a vintage find, shopping for shoes or meeting people, ready to share some good news! “My passion for pets started when I was young, after I noticed a bird hobbling, in an empty parking lot. The wing of the bird was injured, so I ran home with the bird in hand, dedicated to nursing it back to health. At age 4, I told my family, ‘I am going to be an animal doctor!’” Dr. Thomas joined FirstVet in 2021.

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