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The FirstVet services that so many pet parents know and love are now available to Eusoh members, thanks to a recent partnership between the two pet industry innovators. Eusoh’s medical cost-sharing plan, which already offers coverage for most types of pet health expenses, now includes access to 24/7 teletriage for its users as part of its coverage plan.

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How can Eusoh members take advantage of FirstVet’s services?

If you’re already a Eusoh member, log in to your account and check out the FirstVet link on your dashboard. The FirstVet mobile app is available to download for free on iOS and Android. From there, you can set up an account, add your pet(s) and schedule video appointments with licensed vets at a time that works best for you.

Video consultations frequently save pet parents time AND money. Recent studies by the pet telehealth service have shown that about 65% of owner’s concerns and questions can be triaged from home with the help of an experienced vet. And a virtual exam is approximately half the cost of a standard in-clinic visit.

How can this help me care for my pet?

By combining the benefits of health care coverage and 24/7 access to a veterinarian, you’ll feel ready for any pet emergency or health concern. This is incredibly important because being responsible for a pet comes with many questions and uncertainties. Why is my dog scratching all of the sudden? Is my cat’s change in litterbox habits an emergency? My neighbor recommends I feed my dog this food, but is it really the best? What vaccines will my puppy need? Does my cat need to go to the vet, again?

This is why being a member of the Eusoh community is worthwhile - you’ll have financial peace of mind so that preventative care, office visits, and treatment decisions can be made without worrying how much they’ll cost. And now that Eusoh and FirstVet are teammates, you’ll also have the benefit of easier access to veterinary care and advice:

  • Chat with a vet about how to keep your pet healthy, anytime - ask them questions about exercise, diet, what to expect at your pet’s wellness visit, and what types of preventative care are needed.

  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency clinic when realistic. You can always get the experienced opinion of a FirstVet vet before taking your pet to an ER facility.

  • FirstVet vets can help answer questions that you forgot or didn’t have time to ask your regular vet. Don’t quite understand your pet’s diagnosis? A chat with FirstVet can help give you clarity.

  • If your pet needs to visit a physical clinic, FirstVet vets can give you a basic idea of what to expect ahead of time. In many situations, they can explain diagnostics and treatment plans that may be recommended by your regular vet.

Leading the Way…

With the continued restrictions placed on Americans by the COVID-19 pandemic, access to on-demand virtual vet appointments has become more important than ever. Many pet parents are unable, or feel uncomfortable, scheduling face-to-face visits with their primary veterinarian. As a one-of-a-kind community-sharing pet health plan provider, Eusoh has added a way for its members to access remote veterinary advice from the comfort of their homes. As a 24/7 pet teletriage service, FirstVet can help worried caretakers determine whether it’s necessary to take their furry friend into a vet clinic, or, when appropriate, administer care safely at home.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our services to the growing Eusoh community… It’s incredibly exciting to work with a partner who is truly innovating in the community coverage space as we are already broadly starting to see a rise in popularity for similar plans…” comments Gabrial Corredor, Country Manager at FirstVet.

Jean-Marie Kesch, VP of Revenue at Eusoh, agrees, stating, “We are excited about the partnership with FirstVet that will enhance our Eusoh care community.”

This ground-breaking partnership is the result of collaboration between FirstVet, Eusoh, and LJS Global, a leading acquisition and retention specialist in the insurance space.

More about Eusoh

Eusoh (“you-so”) was founded in 2017 by Allen Kamrava, M.D., MBA. Dr. Kamrava had a vision for organizing the power of community to provide a better, more affordable way for pet parents to manage and share medical expenses. The name Eusoh is derived from the term ‘eusociality’, the highest level of social organization in nature.

You can learn more about Eusoh in our article here or by visiting their website, https://eusoh.com/

More about FirstVet

FirstVet, the platform that provides on-demand video consultations with licensed vets, is available to pet parents in all 50 states. Experienced vets provide expert advice 24/7 via the FirstVet mobile app for a variety of different animals, ranging from cats and dogs to horses, birds, and reptiles.

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Click here to schedule a video consult to speak to one of our vets. You can also download the FirstVet app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.

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4.9 On the App Store 3600+ reviews