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What is Eusoh?

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Did you know there’s a healthcare cost-sharing program for your pets?! Meet Eusoh (“you-so”), a one-of-a-kind, subscription-based alternative to traditional pet insurance! Eusoh works like many other medical cost-sharing programs, allowing members to share expenses amongst themselves - only now, this coverage is available to pet parents too.

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What is medical cost-sharing?

Healthcare cost-sharing programs aren’t discounted insurance programs. In fact, they’re completely different than traditional health insurance plans. People participating in medical cost-sharing join together to help each other pay for approved medical expenses. As a member, you agree to share healthcare costs with fellow members, while the company manages the logistics. Think of it as crowd-funding for personal medical expenses!

Typically, there is no network, so members are free to use the medical provider of their choice. Cost-sharing programs also tend to be more inclusive - there are fewer restrictions and expenses based on age or specific illnesses.

There are no monthly premiums and no co-pays. Most cost-sharing programs require that you pay a pre-determined contribution to the community fund each month to maintain your membership. Others base this contribution on the current medical needs of the community.

So, what is Eusoh?

Eusoh was founded in 2017 by Dr. Allen Kamrava in response to the frustrations he experienced with the insurance industry as a medical provider.

Eusoh describes its name as originating from the term “eusociality”, which is defined as “the highest level of social organization in nature.” This name holds special meaning to the community because Eusoh states that “a key feature of eusocial species is their cooperation in caring for each other…”

This community health sharing plan was designed specifically with pet parents in mind. Eusoh members can be reimbursed for the vast majority of expenses incurred at the vet clinic. This includes wellness visits, illnesses, and emergencies.

How does medical cost-sharing work for pet care?

As a Eusoh member, you can choose to take your pet to the veterinarian or veterinary clinic of your choice. There are no exemptions based on age or breed, which is especially helpful for those struggling to find coverage for their elderly pet or those breeds often denied coverage due to breed-specific health concerns.

Eusoh provides members with a list of shareable expenses that include injuries, illness, annual checkups and wellness care, cancer, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, surgeries, prescribed medications, and alternative treatments.

Expenses that are not allowed to be shared within the Eusoh community include preventative medications (flea/tick/heartworm medications), over-the-counter supplements, food, grooming services and supplies, spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, declawing and dewclaw removal, ear cropping, and tail docking. Expenses related to breeding and pregnancy are also not sharable. Pre-existing conditions are typically not sharable within the Eusoh community; however, there are some exceptions based on the group you choose.

Getting Started with Eusoh

Check out Eusoh at https://eusoh.com/. You’ll sign up by creating an account and adding your pet(s). Complete a pet questionnaire for each dog or cat that you wish to add. Next, you’ll select a cost-sharing group to join (more on this later!). Select your payment account and submit your initial deposit. And voila! You’re ready to start sharing your pet’s medical expenses with the Eusoh community!

After a visit with the vet, pay for your services as you normally would, but be sure to keep all receipts. These will need to be submitted to Eusoh for reimbursement. Submission of receipts is easy and can even be done from your Smartphone. Eusoh bases reimbursements on national average pricing but also allows for a variance in pricing across the country.

When you submit a medical expense, that amount is shared with the rest of your group. You get peace of mind knowing that you have the support of other caring pet lovers…and you’ll be there for them when needed.

The funds needed for your pet’s medical expenses are collected from your group’s deposit balance. This balance is replenished monthly by each member’s pre-determined monthly contribution. Even if multiple withdrawals need to be made by group members, Eusoh has systems in place to ensure that your group maintains a positive deposit balance while still keeping member costs low!

Joining a Eusoh Community Group

Eusoh encourages its members to share pet medical expenses within a group of their choice. All groups submit expenses and receive reimbursements that same way. After you register and pay your initial deposit, you’ll be able to browse available groups and join the one that suits your needs. Each member is given three basic group options:

1. You can join a Eusoh moderated group, specific for either dogs or cats. Acceptance into this group is automatic (this is different from other groups where member voting is required). However, pets with pre-existing conditions or current medical issues will not be covered for those expenses.

2. Sign up for a Eusoh community group. These groups are created by Eusoh members. You’re free to join together with whoever you want, as long as you’re abiding by all legal codes of ethics and civil rights. Members of each community group vote on all new member requests.

3. Create a group of your own! You might want to build a group with your friends, family, coworkers, neighborhood, or pet parents with similar philosophies. Groups must have at least 10 members to become active and share pet medical expenses.

Why do you need healthcare coverage for your pet?

Roughly 65% percent of American households have at least one cat or dog. Sadly, less than 1% have any kind of health insurance. This is a major problem when an unprepared caregiver is faced with hefty emergency medical costs for their pet. With one in three pets needing some type of emergency treatment every year, it’s a worrisome reality that you could be in this position at some point during your pet’s life.

Even if you never have to worry about the stress of a pet health emergency, chances are, you’ll need to visit the vet for other common concerns. Many pets are seen at the vet for things like ear infections, allergies, bladder infections, arthritis, and lumps and bumps.

And what about wellness checkups and preventative care? American pet parents spend up to 3 times more on yearly vet visits and surgeries than they do on their pet’s food. Imagine if your pet’s healthcare plan helped to cover these expenses!

The bottom line is pets are part of our family. Their health and wellbeing are important to us and we want to be able to provide them with the very best care. Having healthcare coverage allows you to do this without the worry or burden of routine and unexpected expenses!

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