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Why is my cat scratching at the furniture?

Scratching is a natural and very important behaviour for the cat. However problems can arise when cats scratch furniture or other objects in the house that the owner deems undesirable.

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Halloween pets

Halloween hazards and Bonfire Night - how to keep your pet safe

Halloween can be a wonderful time of year with lots of sweets and chocolates in abundance, creative costumes and a great time had by all. However our pets may feel very different, with dangers posed b...

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Pros and cons of keeping a cat indoors

For most cat owners, it is an important decision on whether you should keep your cat indoors or allow them access to the outside world. There are pros and cons of both options which this article will ...

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Top five health problems in older cats

As cats age, they can be more prone to certain age related disease processes. Early detection and management of these age related issues leads to a better quality of life for older cats. Read more in ...

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Dog allergy testing

Could my dog’s diet be making him itch? Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions (CAFR)

Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions (CAFR), also known as food allergies, food intolerances, dietary sensitivity or hypersensitivity, can develop at any age. They are seen as skin changes, due to an inap...

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Dog and cat blood work

Seizures in dogs

Seizures are common in dogs, especially in certain breeds where there is a genetic susceptibility to epilepsy. A seizure is essentially a disturbance of normal brain function. This leads to involuntar...

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Can my dog have turkey

Why does my vet want a stool sample from my pet?

Has your vet asked for a poo (faecal) sample from your pet? Have you ever wondered what these samples can tell us? Our vet explains how to collect a suitable sample and what tests can be done to help ...

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Petsitting cat

Is my cat drinking too much water?

Cats drink varying amounts of water depending on their diet. However, if you notice that your cat has increased their normal intake, it could be a clue to a number of internal disease processes. Read ...

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puppy lead chin acne

Puppy acne and how to treat it

Have you found raised spots, white heads (pustules/pimples) and scabs on your puppy's chin? Puppy acne is also known as muzzle folliculitis, furunculosis or pyoderma. It is a common skin condition tha...

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dog lying down

European tapeworm infection in dogs

The European tapeworm is a type of tapeworm found in Europe, but not in the UK. The tapeworm is found in America, central Asia, Japan and China. Its scientific name is Echinococcus multilocularis. Thi...

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Haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis (HGE) in dogs and cats

Haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis (HGE) is a syndrome where a dog or cat passes diarrhoea and/or vomit containing fresh red blood. Sometimes they can have profuse watery bright red diarrhoea and it can ap...

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dog tongue ulcers

Gastric ulcers and gastritis in dogs

There are many reasons why your dog might be sick or not eat well. Gastritis is common but usually easily treatable. The stomach contains strong gastric acid, which is important in the breakdown of fo...

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two sleeping dogs

There's a lump on the back of my dog’s neck. What should I do?

Lumps in dogs can occur for multiple reasons and there are a vast array of different types ranging from benign and harmless to highly malignant and potentially life threatening. A lump on the back of ...

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Canine seborrhoea: Why is my dog’s coat oily and smelly?

Canine seborrhoea or seborrhoeic dermatitis is a common skin condition that affects dogs and relates to the sebaceous glands in their skin. The sebaceous glands are associated with the hair follicles ...

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cat rolling

Spots on the chin: cat acne and how to treat it

Feline acne, also known as follicular keratinisation, is a common skin condition that usually appears on the chin area. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as cat chin acne. Some cats wi...

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dog sofa ringworm

I think my dog has ringworm. What should I do?

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection in the skin. Ringworm infection is caused by microscopic fungi (dermatophytes) feed on the keratin layers of the skin. The name ‘ringworm’ comes from the fact th...

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dog sitting

Eyelid lumps in dogs

When a tumour grows on the eyelid it presents different challenges to other locations in the body. An eyelid tumour may appear as a lump on your dog’s eyelid. There are several types of eyelid lumps i...

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grey cat yellow eyes

Eyelid lumps in cats

When a tumour grows on the eyelid it presents different challenges to other locations in the body. An eyelid tumour may appear as a lump on your cat’s eyelid. Eyelid tumours in cats are more likely to...

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kitten outside

Feeding my kitten

Kittens have special nutritional needs, unlike puppies, in that they are true meat eaters (carnivores). Getting early feeding right can help your kitten to grow correctly with strong bones and teeth a...

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puppy on bed

Feeding a puppy

We all know that puppies are not just small dogs and they have different dietary requirements. A puppy’s diet should be tailored to help with growth and development to help build strong bones, teeth a...

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