Brittany Lenz Veterinary Technician


Brittany Lenz graduated from Suny Ulster with an Associates degree in applied science in 2013 and passed her boards in 2014, becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Brittany worked as an assistant in general practice while she was in school. Since graduating she has worked as a technician in both general practice and emergency and specialty hospitals. In 2015, she decided to advance her career and went back to school to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in applied science clinical and hospital management and graduated in 2017 from St. Petersburg College. Since graduating, Brittany has worked in emergency and specialty hospitals in NJ. In 2021, she received her Fear Free Certification. She has her own personal zoo at home with eight herding breed dogs, three cats, one chinchilla, one snake, and 12 geckos. She also enjoys fostering dogs and finding them new homes. In her spare time, Brittany likes to hike, snowboard, kayak, and run agility with her dogs. Brittany joined FirstVet in 2022.

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