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How can we help your pet?

Examples of conditions that our veterinarians can help you with.

Vomiting and diarrhea

For minor cases, you can often help your pet effectively at home. We can help you determine when you need to seek care if your pet is suffering from stomach problems.

Eye and ear problems

Does your pet have runny eyes or dirty and itchy ears? Get advice on cleaning and treatment.


Has your pet stolen a chocolate bar or eaten anything inappropriate? Get advice on when you have to seek emergency care and when you can wait at home.

Itching and skin problems

Skin problem can have many different causes. Some are easy to diagnose and treat while others require more advanced sample-taking.

Coughing and sneezing

Has your pet suddenly developed problems with coughing or repetitive sneezing? We can help you determine whether this can be solved at home, or you need to take your pet to a clinic.

Injuries and accidents

Is your pet limping after an accident or does it have a wound somewhere? Get advice on first aid and wound care.

If your pet is acutely ill or severely wounded you should always seek veterinary care immediately.

Testimonials from pet owners.

For us it is important that you as a pet owner are satisfied with your veterinary visit at FirstVet. We are incredibly proud to have a customer satisfaction rate above 99%.


I truly recommend this app! There is nothing better when you are a worried pet owner and it is in the evening or in the weekend when things always happens with our four-legged friends.

FirstVet is great !!!

Fantastic treatment by knowledgeable and friendly veterinarian !!! Highly recommended !!!

Smooth and easy!

It is wonderful to get help at home and not have to drive to the clinic with the cat. Fast, good and smooth!


A perfect example of how we can improve the lives for our pets by means of digital services that save us a lot of unnecessary costs and waiting times. The obstacle is rather that, as a dog owner, I have to remind myself that the help is only a few clicks away. It simply feels too good to be true.


Very welcome service in cases where you need a consultation and not for example a syringe, fast fixed time and very knowledgeable veterinarian! Will use again if it is needed but hope not need of course :)

Super Happy

So very nice to talk to a veterinarian on video from home and get advices of how to do with our sick cat.