Working as a FirstVet vet

Why not join our team?

At FirstVet, part of our mission is to bring the best of the digital age to the veterinary profession. This means offering a flexible, enjoyable and well-compensated working environment to our vets. The FirstVet vets are building the future of veterinary telemedicine.

Clear and conservative clinical guidelines

FirstVet operates as a natural first point of touch for pet owners. This means our vets offer initial advice, simple treatment recommendations and if necessary referral to a physical clinic. FirstVet does not provide prescriptions in the UK. For referrals we operate under the RCVS guidance of the more specific the recommendation, the greater likelihood the animal needs to be physically examined.

Independent of corporate influence

FirstVet does not receive compensation for referrals. We are not financially associated with any corporate clinical actor or bound to any single pet insurance organisation. FirstVet vets are empowered to give the right advice for the pet at the right time, without worrying about external factors.

Integrated into the existing care process

The FirstVet veterinary platform and referral system was developed to fit into current patient pathways seamlessly. FirstVet consultations are documented by detailed and systematised patient records which are provided to the owner post consultation and to clinics in the event of a referral. Patients are referred using our clinical map to their preferred clinic, and we never have any financial relationship with clinics. You can trust that we are independent.

Healthy patients, satisfied owners, happy pets

FirstVet has an established history of outstanding customer satisfaction. After every consultation owners are asked to leave a star rating and provide feedback. The average is 4.93 stars. This owner satisfaction translates into vet satisfaction, with the FirstVet vets reporting an NPS of +85.

Dr Emma Bower

Dr Emma Bower

Emma qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2007. Prior to vet school she graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Zoology. Emma worked in mixed practice for two years before becoming a locum Veterinary Surgeon. Her main areas of interest are geriatric dogs and cats, especially chronic pain in dogs and rehabilitation of dogs either due to age changes or due to trauma. She has plans to undertake further studies in canine and feline behaviour. Emma joined FirstVet UK in March 2019, and has her own pack of three dogs.

Dr Jessica May

Dr Jessica May

Jessica qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2012, where, prior to studying veterinary medicine she also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Sciences. Before joining FirstVet Jessica worked in mixed practice and equine practice. Most recently she worked at an equine hospital on the Welsh borders. She is particularly interested in internal medicine and wound healing, as well as veterinary business and innovation.

Dr Eve Hanks

Dr Eve Hanks

Eve graduated from the University of Edinburgh vet school in 2011 and has since worked with farm animals, horses and companion animals. She recently completed a PhD at the University of Glasgow and now combines her work at FirstVet with clinical pathology for Scotland’s Rural College. She has a keen interest in medicine and in parasitology.