Terms of service

Last updated: 2019-09-23

Terms of service was last updated on 5 December 2016.

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to customers using FirstVet, www.firstvet.com or the FirstVet app, hereinafter referred to as "the Site", provided by FirstVet AB, corporate ID 559047-9894 ("FirstVet"). By registering an account for using the services on the Site, you are a binding agreement with FirstVet as a customer.

The website is an Internet-based e-Veterinary Service that provides services through the Website for Customers Registering as Account Holder. Through the website you can book a veterinary or ethologist's certificate (together "Veterinarian") to obtain a healthcare contact in the form of a video meeting, as well as obtain information about various behaviors, animal diseases and its symptoms. You can also publish a written description of the animal's symptoms or send a video link under your individual account before starting the video session. When the video session starts, you will be given the opportunity to describe the animal's disease state and / or behavior for the Veterinarian, who may then propose treatment.

FirstVet is not a healthcare provider, but communicates only the advice and care given by the Veterinarian to you. FirstVet does not bear any responsibility for the investigations or other medical services performed in the context of a meeting.

When you register an account, you agree to these terms of use in accordance with current instructions on the Site. Once you have registered an account on the Site, you have agreed to follow these Terms of Service.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the registration of your account and you are responsible for ensuring that your data is up to date and up to date. You must provide the e-mail address and phone number to which you wish to be able to contact you on-line from time to time.

These Terms of Service, as well as any other instructions and information about the Service, are available on the Website.

2. Terms Change

From time to time, FirstVet may, at its sole discretion, make changes to the functionality of the Site. For example, it may refer to layout, content, or functionality, and may affect these terms of use. Such changes will be announced via the Website and / or Email. At any time, current terms of use can be obtained on the Site. In the event that FirstVet's site change or terms of use are a major disadvantage to you, you are entitled to request that you unsubscribe from your account, which entitles you to refund any prepaid amount of inbound video meeting that has not yet been used.

3. General about Account and Website

To use the Services through the Website, you must be 18 years or older.

By registering an account on the Site, you acknowledge and agree that your contact information may be used by FirstVet to contact you via email and notices with information and offers. You have the right to unsubscribe specifically for this communication, with FirstVet to unregister your account without delay.

Only you may use your account and you may not transfer or assign your account to anyone else. You are responsible for any action undertaken when using your account. FirstVet is not responsible for the abuse of your account by third parties or for consequences and possible damages.

You are responsible for your account being used in accordance with these terms of use, other terms and conditions stated on the Site, as well as any applicable law. If you publish information on the Site, you are solely responsible for the content therein.

The website and its services complement the traditional veterinary care. The advice given by the Veterinarian via the Website should not be used in the opinion of a veterinarian or ethologist's assessment, diagnosis or treatment for any disease.

4. Availability

FirstVet will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the site is possible to use. FirstVet's goal that you should be able to visit your account and book a meeting with the Veterinarian throughout the day. However, the site may not be available due to technical complications or due to planned and site-reported maintenance at times.

5. Responsibilities and Limitations

The website and the services provided through it are provided in the current state and as available without any representations or warranties of any kind. FirstVet is only responsible for the operation of the Website providing the provision of video meetings between you and the Veterinarian, and associated services, such as the storage of information and other information provided on the Website by FirstVet. FirstVet is not responsible for the care, information or recommendation that the Veterinarian gives you in videoconferencing or in writing via the Website. FirstVet is not responsible for malpractice in a single case, the responsibility for treatment is between the Veterinarian and you. FirstVet is not responsible for the content of websites linked to or from the Website.

Online liability is in any event limited to liability for damage, direct damage and up to a maximum amount of SEK 10,000. FirstVet thus does not respond to consequential damages, loss of profits, lack of expected savings and / or other indirect damages.

FirstVet is not a pharmacy and, as a company, itself does not provide any medicines, neither prescription nor prescription. The supply of pharmacy-related goods and medicines is provided by FirstVets partner.

If you have a problem with or are dissatisfied with the Site and the services provided there, please contact support@firstvet.com and / or choose to stop using the Site. If you consider that the Veterinarian has done a malpractice, please contact the Animal Health Service Board, which is the authority in Sweden to investigate questions about disciplinary responsibility for animal health professionals.

6. Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

Copyright, copyright and all other rights to the FirstVets trademark, company, and Website, as well as all documents used and / or provided by FirstVet on the Site, such as but not limited to these Terms of Service, are Online (or, where applicable, Online License Licensor) All Rights Reserved. FirstVet thus reserves the exclusive right to use the above material. All copying, modification, transfer and / or other use of FirstVet material not expressly permitted under these terms of use or online instructions from time to time is forbidden. You acknowledge and agree that unauthorized use of FirstVet's intellectual property rights may, in addition to violating the Terms of Use, be criminal. FirstVet reserves the right to take legal action in the event of such unauthorized use of FirstVet's intellectual property rights.

Ownership and copyright of images and video material provided by you belong to you. FirstVet and the Veterinarian, however, have the right to use such images and video material to provide services to you. This means, among other things, that Online and / or Veterinarians have the right to store and copy, and may provide such images and video material to other healthcare providers, for example, by referral. FirstVet does not use images and video material provided by you for any purpose other than providing services to you. FirstVet reserves the right to record video meetings for quality and educational purposes.

7. Unauthorized use and information

FirstVet may take action against unauthorized use of accounts and the website, including by at any time without notice and responsibility for any consequences, disabling your account, deleting information from the Site, or taking other steps to protect the site's reputation and reliability.

If you violated these Terms of Service or applicable law, or used the Site in an illegal or illegal manner, you are obliged to replace and keep FirstVet harmless from all damages caused by this Web site.

8. Cancellation of video meeting

Up to 60 minutes before an inbox video meeting will take place, you can cancel your video conference free of charge. You will then be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid for the video meeting. Due to technical solutions, it may take up to 14 days for your money to be refunded.

You are not entitled to a refund of already paid amount of drop-in videotimes that are canceled or recorded in a video meeting, which will be canceled later than 60 minutes before the video meeting will take place.

9. Unregistering and Suspension

Terms of Service apply as long as you have an account registered with FirstVet. If you no longer wish to be bound by the terms of use, you must terminate your account. If you terminate your account, FirstVet will promptly remove all of the provided and stored information about you, with the exception of such information as by online law is required to save. If you violate these Terms of Service or other policies, FirstVet is entitled to immediately turn off your account. Information about you who is stored should also be removed promptly. You are not authorized to re-register or register a new account without a special permission from FirstVet if your account has been disabled in accordance with this paragraph.

10. Prices and payment

Prices and Fees for Video Meeting with the Veterinarian via the Website, and any other applicable prices, appear on the Website.

Payment for video conferencing via the Website takes place in advance before the meeting commences. You can not start a video meeting with the Veterinarian before payment is made.

11. Processing of Personal Data

You agree that FirstVet processes personal information that is provided by you when you register an account, as shown below. Such personal information is e.g. Information regarding name, social security number, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address and IP address and personal data provided in connection with meetings between you and the Veterinarian. Such personal data is processed in order for FirstVet to provide you with the services through the Website that you have chosen to utilize when creating an account. Personal data may also be used by FirstVet as a basis for managing your commitments, business analysis, product development, and direct marketing through various media such as email. Personal data may be submitted to the Veterinarian or your designated insurance company for the specified purposes.

FirstVet is the personally responsible personally responsible personally responsible personally identifiable person in your account, and you can contact FirstVet at any time to obtain information about what personal data is being processed, to correct any incorrect information, in writing request that the information may not be used for direct marketing purposes and to instruct FirstVet to stop processing personal data in the future.

FirstVet is the personal data officer for the personal data provided by the Veterinarian and its account and information from video meetings and FirstVet undertakes to process the personal data of the persons concerned in accordance with applicable law and veterinary instructions and to take the technical and organizational measures agreed to protect the data processed from unauthorized access, destruction and change.

12. Controversy

In case of dispute between the parties, Swedish law shall apply and be decided by the General Court with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance.

13. Contact us

If you want to contact FirstVet, you can send an email to our customer service at support@firstvet.com or call +46 10 206 70 66 (09:00 - 17:00 during weekdays with exception for Swedish holidays). Contact information can also be found on the website.