Healthy Pet Checkup

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Can't get to a vet? Book a Healthy Pet Checkup instead

Our virtual wellness check is designed to give peace of mind with regards to your pet's health.

As pet parents ourselves, we understand it can be a challenge nowadays to get a timely appointment with your in-clinic vet. That is why we created a wellness checkup designed to cover the major building blocks of animal health for your pet.

During this wellness consultation, your virtual veterinarian will touch on FIVE key areas of your pet's health and provide you with custom recommendations and guidance to ensure your fur baby stays fit until the next in-clinic vet appointment.

Oral health

Skin & coat

Ears & rears

Food & fun

Movement & mobility

Can't get to a vet? Book a Healthy Pet Checkup instead

Why should I consider a wellness consult for my furry loved one?

FirstVet has completed hundreds of thousands of virtual consults with Pet Parents around the globe! Our amazing licensed veterinarians have seen it all (go ahead, try us!) and they're here to provide you with peace of mind and education about the health of your pet.

It’s sometimes hard to know what is concerning versus what can be treated right at home, and it can be daunting to understand how to keep your special furry family member healthy.

We get that. That’s why we created the Healthy Pet Checkup.

  • Terrible Teeth? Let's talk dental health and how to extend the life of your pet.

  • Finicky Eater? Let us help you make food fun again!

  • Soft Stools? Let's talk fecals! We'll help you understand what the results mean.

  • Jittery Joints? Bone health here we come!

  • Sensitive Skin? We've got the right touch.

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