Hi, pet care industry worker!

We have helped over 80 partners within the insurance sector to increase customer retention by 50%, reduce claims cost by 35% and decrease CAC by 25-50%.

When it comes to pet care, we believe that two heads are better than one. Together, we work to build the best possible ecosystem for pets, their owners, and vets. We are socially minded and partner-focused, always striving for positive and mutual value creation.

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What is FirstVet?

FirstVet is a digital veterinary clinic offering video meetings with experienced vets directly on your smartphone. Our vets are always locally registered with an average of 14+ years of experience.

Why do customers rate FirstVet 4,9/5?

  • Over 65% of cases are helped from home, no need to visit the vet clinic

  • Consultations are included in their insurance policy

  • FirstVet is independent and will always put the pet in first

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