Sick hamster symptoms

Common Hamster Diseases: What to Keep an Eye Out For

Hamsters are common pets. They live for an average of 2 years, but their life span can vary. Hamsters will hide their illness until they are very sick and begin to show more obvious signs of illness s...

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online vet

Online Veterinarians

What is an online vet and how can they help me? Virtual telehealth has become more useful and prominent in our society than ever before. Online vets can discuss your pet’s health with you in the comfo...

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imodium for dog diarrhea

Pet Medication 101: Imodium

It’s important to understand a medication’s uses and side effects before giving it to your pet. This medication info sheet is meant to give you a good understanding of what Imodium (loperamide) is use...

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pet eye emergency

First Aid for Your Pet’s Eye

Your pet’s eyes are beautiful and carry out a very important job. In order to create vision, the eye has a series of delicate structures that are suspended within. Any small damage to the eye can have...

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ask a vet

Ask a Vet: 10 Important Questions to Ask at Your Next Vet Visit

Sometimes bringing your pet to the veterinary hospital can be overwhelming. Often, you’re struggling to get your cat in a carrier, driving with a dog that is terrified to be in the car, or wrangling m...

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veterinary telemedicine

Veterinary Telemedicine

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, veterinary telemedicine involves the use of electronic exchange of medical information from one site to another to improve and assess the gene...

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rabbit nail trims

Nail Trimming Tips for Rabbits and Other Pocket Pets

Nail trimming is important in all species. Overgrown nails can curve back and grow into the paw or pads causing pain and infection. Overgrown nails are more likely to be caught on items and tear or br...

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rodent poisoning in pets

Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets

Rodenticides, also known as rat bait or mouse poison, are products people often use to control and kill rodents such as mice and rats. These products are also poisonous to dogs and cats. Rodenticides ...

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dog ate avocado

Holy Guacamole! Here’s what you need to know if your pet ate avocado

The avocado plant, Persea americana, is toxic to many animals, but in varying degrees. If your cat or dog ate an avocado or chewed on the plant, it’s important to know what to watch for. Let’s discuss...

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Pet Euthanasia

Pet Euthanasia - Knowing When its Time and What to Expect

No one ever feels ready to say goodbye to a beloved pet - it’s often one of the most difficult things that you’ll face as a pet owner. Our pets are considered dear friends and members of the family, a...

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Veterinary Telemedicine+Teletriage

What is Veterinary Telehealth?

Have you considered utilizing telemedicine as part of your pet’s health care? There are many options available to pet parents, and it’s important to understand what services you need - whether you’re ...

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Virtual Care for Pets

Veterinary Virtual Care - FAQ

Veterinary virtual care may seem like a new concept, but it’s actually been around for many years. You may have heard the terms “telemedicine” or “teletriage” and wondered how they can be used to help...

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pets and corona virus

Can I get COVID-19 from my pet?

There are many questions and concerns about COVID-19 infection. The most frequent questions that pet owners ask our vets are: can my pet get COVID-19, and can humans catch the virus from their pets?

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