Online Veterinarians

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Online Veterinarians

What is an online vet and how can they help me? Virtual telehealth has become more useful and prominent in our society than ever before. Online vets can discuss your pet’s health with you in the comfort of your own home, and even in the comfort of your dog’s own dog bed, or your cat’s own sunny windowsill.

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Advice and Education

Whether you want to discuss puppy care, feline contagious diseases, or why your cat is urinating outside the litterbox, we are here for you! Instead of getting bits and pieces of advice here and there from friends or social media that you aren’t sure you can trust, a licensed veterinarian can help explain all sorts of conditions, medications, and behaviors with you. Not sure whether you want to let your cat go outside? Unclear as to what type of food you should be feeding your dog? We can help! A consult can be very helpful for owners of healthy pets that just have questions, or pets that are displaying behaviors that owners may not understand.


Did your cat just vomit out of the blue? Has your dog had diarrhea for 2 days? If you aren’t sure whether or not your pet needs to see a vet in person, we can advise you as to the possibilities of what may be going on with your pet, whether they need to be seen in person, and how soon. Sometimes owners think it is an emergency when really they would be fine to wait until their appointment with their regular vet the following day. Other times, people aren’t aware of the immediate danger and necessity for them to bring their pet to an ER immediately.

An online vet can help you determine how to proceed, and with what urgency. And we may even be able to save you hundreds of dollars!

Second Opinions

Let’s face it, sometimes you want or need additional opinions on your pet’s circumstances. Just like doctors in human medicine, veterinarians can and will provide second opinions. Maybe you like your regular vet but they never have time to talk to you in-depth. Maybe you trust them implicitly but they didn’t have time to explain the medications to you. Or maybe your pet has been diagnosed with a complicated disease that you want to make sure you completely understand.

We’re here for you! If you aren’t sure why your vet told you to do something a certain way, or prescribed a certain medication, or ran a certain test, we can explain it all. Although we cannot diagnose conditions without seeing the pet ourselves in person, we can certainly explain, educate, and advise on the matter.

Time and Travel

It's 3 a.m. and my dog just started coughing… what do I do? Call an online veterinarian! We are here 24/7 for your questions and concerns, even if it isn’t an emergency. Are you a night owl? Do you work nights and sleep all day so it’s hard to talk to your regular vet? Give us a call! Is your regular vet over an hour away? Do you live in a secluded area of farmland with no vets in sight? We are located all over the world and can help you no matter where you are and what time it is.

Can’t get to a vet?

Is your dog an old, arthritic Great Dane that weighs twice as much as you, and you can’t physically get him to the vet on your own? Do you have a fractious cat that needs sedation to be examined, but you just have a few simple questions about it? Sometimes it’s really stressful, painful, or impossible to get your pet to your veterinarian because you don’t have any help, or a ride, or your dog hates cars with a passion, or your cat won’t let you catch them to get them in the carrier.

We can help you try to make them as comfortable as possible at home, answer your questions without a stressful vet visit, and give you tips and tricks to help get them to the vet if they truly need to be seen.

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