Dr. Bruce Armstrong Veterinarian

Dr. Bruce Armstrong has retired from daily clinical practice in December 2022 after 41 successful years as a busy practicing veterinarian and hospital owner with the greater majority of that in small animal clinical general practice with an inclusive background and he strived to keep up with continuing education to be able to provide modern and up-to-date techniques along with medical capabilities and reasonable communications for clients and colleagues. He lives by the philosophy of practicing each year to coordinate the old and new for blended quality medicine for the benefit of the patients and their caretakers. Doing the same thing year in and year out is not reasonable for the advancement of veterinary medicine in his opinion. He now gets to do more "work from home" so telemedicine and consultation fits into the new freelance aspects he has been pursuing. This has provided a more relaxed environment with long sought expanded time off as compared to busy private practice so he can complete tasks on his family’s small ranch and hay operation in Montana and still get a modicum of sleep!

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