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cat upper respiratory infections

Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats

Upper respiratory infections (URIs) are one of the most common infectious diseases seen in cats. Also known as cat flu or cat colds, URIs are typically caused by viruses that affect mostly young kitte...

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Cat Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke in Cats

Many cats like the heat, but just like humans, they can suffer from heat stroke if exposed to extreme temperatures for too long. Easy access to plenty of fresh water is essential. Unlike dogs, cats do...

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Heat stroke in dogs

Heat Stroke (Hyperthermia) in Dogs

Dogs cannot regulate their temperature by sweating, like humans. Instead, dogs pant to cool their body. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an effective way to avoid overheating. If the surrounding air t...

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Cat Vaccines

What You Need to Know About Vaccinating Your Cat

Vaccination is the quickest and most effective way to protect your cat from preventable diseases. We’ve all heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and that certainly pert...

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cat conjunctivitis

Top 3 Causes of Conjunctivitis in Cats

Conjunctivitis, sometimes called pink eye, is one of the most common causes of red eyes in cats and dogs. It causes other signs such as excessive sticky, mucopurulent, or pus-like discharge that is ye...

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how to brush dogs teeth

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth: Step-by-Step Instructions

As soon as you get that new puppy, be sure to get them used to having their teeth brushed! They’re kinda like a ball of clay when they’re young and will be more agreeable to trying new things. Old dog...

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kitten adoption

Adopting a New Kitten

Are you thinking about getting a kitten, or are you about to welcome a new kitten into your family? In this jam-packed article all about kittens, you’ll find answers to the common questions that owner...

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how to brush cats teeth

Brushing Your Cat's Teeth: Step-by-Step Instructions

As soon as you get that new kitten, be sure to get them used to having their teeth brushed! They’re kinda like a ball of clay when they’re young and will be more agreeable to trying new things. Older ...

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rabbit ear infection

Ear Infections in Rabbits

Rabbits are wonderful pets! They are smart, social, and friendly. Rabbits in the US are housed both indoors and outdoors. Depending on their living situation, there are various types of infections tha...

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cat poisonous diffenbachia

Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats: Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia is a genus of perennial, tropical, flowering plants that are widely sold and commonly kept as houseplants due to their tolerance of shade and their pretty and varied appearances. If you ...

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dog vomit causes

Everything You Need to Know About Vomiting in Dogs

Unfortunately, vomit happens. And while it can be scary to see your dog throw up, it’s helpful to know what might be causing the problem, and if there’s anything you can do about it without taking you...

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sneezing kitten

Sneezing in Cats and Kittens

There are many potential causes of sneezing in cats and kittens. The most common categories are upper respiratory infections, rhinitis or sinusitis, nasopharyngeal polyps, foreign bodies, parasites, t...

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coughing in cats

Causes and Treatment for Coughing in Cats

Should you be worried if your cat is coughing? Continue reading to learn more about coughing in cats, including common causes, tests, and treatment options.

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newborn puppy care

How to Feed and Care for Newborn Puppies

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to care for newborn puppies? What should you watch out for? What if the mama is no longer around? Read on to learn the basics!

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newborn kitten care

How to Feed and Care for Newborn Kittens

Having new babies in the house is a big responsibility, no matter the species. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep a litter of newborn kittens healthy and happy, keep reading! We’re going to...

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rabbit skin infection

Skin Diseases in Rabbits

Rabbits can get a variety of skin conditions, ranging from fungal, viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections such as fleas and lice. Even a certain sexually transmitted disease can cause skin issues ...

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dog eye disease

Top 3 Diseases of the Surface of the Eye (Cornea) in Dogs

Any disease affecting the surface of the eye can threaten vision. Therefore, it’s important to treat them quickly and effectively. Below is a summary of the most common corneal conditions affecting do...

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cat eye cornea

Common Causes of Corneal Disease in Cats

Diseases or injury to the surface of the eye can cause vision impairment or even blindness in pets. If this occurs, it’s very important that your cat’s eyes be treated quickly. Continue reading to lea...

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dog cold symptoms

Can dogs catch colds?

If your dog is coughing and has a runny nose, you may be wondering if she has a common cold. It’s important to know that dogs can show cold-like symptoms due to a variety of causes including infection...

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rabbit teeth care

Rabbit Dental Anatomy and Oral Health

Do you know how many teeth rabbits have? Do they have baby teeth that fall out like humans as they get older? Do you need to brush your rabbits’ teeth? Keep reading to learn the answers to these quest...

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pet kidney anatomy and function

The Importance of Kidney Health and Function in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats, like all mammals, have kidneys that perform many vital life functions. Keeping these organs healthy and recognizing early signs of disease can help your pet live a long, happy life. Kee...

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