Flea and tick medication for your cat

Are there fleas on your cat? Or are you concerned there might be in the future? Fleas are the most common external parasite seen on cats. If your cat is scratching more than normal, has hair loss around his lower back/tail area, or has tiny black dots that look like pepper in his fur, they most likely have fleas.

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Flea and tick treatment for cats

Pet parents who live in New York, New Jersey and Virginia can now get tick and flea prevention and treatment for cats via video with a licensed veterinarian at FirstVet. At FirstVet, we prescribe more effective tick and flea medication than the one you get over the counter or buy online without a prescription.

Flea and tick season occurs during the warmer months of the year. But these parasites are hardy and can survive throughout the year. This means that even in the harsh winter there can be fleas and ticks on cats. Because of this, most vets recommend year-round flea and tick prevention for all.

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What is needed to receive flea and tick medication online?

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✓ Reside in New York, New Jersey or Virginia

✓ Have a FirstVet subscription - 6 month or yearly

✓ Book a consultation with a licensed vet at FirstVet

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Flea and tick treatment for cats online

We’ve teamed up with Vetsource, a veterinarian-trusted online pet pharmacy, to make it easy to get flea and tick medicine for your cat. You can order topical treatments, chewable tablets, collars, and more!

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Find the best flea and tick medication for your cat

There are many different types of tick and flea medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to choose. Our vets can give you advice about treatment and prescriptions for effective flea and tick preventatives that suit your cat's needs.

1. Flea and Tick Collars

Cat flea and tick collars are ‘impregnated’ with active ingredients that are slowly released from the collar and spread over a cat’s body through the oils on the skin and hair coat. The chemicals on the collars usually start working within 24 hours of being attached to the cat’s body. The chemicals can kill fleas and ticks and the protection from the collars lasts about seven months.

2. Spot-on Flea and Tick Preventatives

Spot-on flea and tick products consist of liquid or gel that is applied between the shoulder blades or down the back of your cat. The chemical solution spreads quickly through your cat’s skin and hair coat via the oil glands. Spot-ons can kill fleas and ticks within one day after application.

3. Oral Flea and Tick Preventatives

Oral flea and tick preventatives come as pills or chewables. They can be a better option than other modes of treatment that leave residue on your cat’s skin and hair coat. One flea and tick medication has been formulated to kill adult fleas within 30 minutes and can be given to your cat daily.

A prescription for tick or flea medication provides long-lasting protection and can be prescribed if it’s deemed appropriate by our veterinarians. If a prescription medication does not suit your cat, we can advise on suitable alternatives.

To know which product is best for your cat, and to determine if a prescription flea and tick medication can be prescribed, the veterinarian needs to consider a number of factors:

  • Breed and type of fur

  • Previous illnesses/sensitivity

  • Possible side effects

  • Children and other pets in the household

Flea and tick prevention for cat is included in our subscriptions

If you download our app today and sign up for our 6 month or yearly subscription service you will also be able to benefit from our prescription service - if you live in New York or New Jersey.

6-month Subscription

  • Unlimited access for just $90
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Prescriptions (in select states)
  • Cancel anytime

Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited vet visits for just $135
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  • Billed annually

Single Consultation

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  • No registration fee

Meet some of our vets that can help you out with your cat’s flea and tick treatment

Our licensed veterinarians know that you love your cat and want the very best care, day or night. Our vets are here to provide you with peace of mind and education about the health of your cat. On average, our veterinarians have over 10 years of clinical experience and are trained to help make you informed decisions about your pet’s illness or injury.

Dr. Allison Schwartz

Dr. Allison Schwartz

Dr. Allison Schwartz graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. She completed a Small Animal Medicine and Surgery rotating Internship at Garden State Veterinary Specialists in NJ. Since completing her internship, Dr. Schwartz has enjoyed being a small animal general practitioner, with a special interest in dentistry, pediatrics, and surgery. In her free time, Dr. Schwartz enjoys baking, cooking, reading, and of course spending time with her husband and young son. Dr. Schwartz joined FirstVet in 2021.

Dr. Diane Givler

Dr. Diane Givler

Dr. Diane Givler received her veterinary degree from Ross University in 2008 and spent her clinical year at LSU (Geaux Tigers!). She is originally from Pennsylvania, and has practiced small animal medicine in Rochester, NY, Columbia, SC, and Southport, NC. Dr. Givler has worked in small private-owned hospitals, large corporate hospitals, and on a non-profit surgically-equipped spay/neuter RV. Most recently she has been self-employed as a relief veterinarian and is currently living on a 58 foot sailboat with her husband, two dogs, and one cat. Dr. Givler joined FirstVet in 2020.

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