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$10 off your consultation

As an Affordable Pet Labs customer, you receive $10 off your consultation to discuss your lab results with FirstVet

Discuss your lab results with a licensed veterinarian

With FirstVet, you'll get instant access to expert advice and treatment recommendations from our licensed veterinarians online. Our skilled vets are here to discuss your lab results and help answer your questions 24/7, no matter where you are - day or night. Pet parents have may questions and FirstVet is here to put them at ease.

How it works

1. Download the FirstVet App

Create an account using your email address and cell phone number. Next, you’ll be asked to create a profile for each of your pets.

2. Your FirstVet video call

Speak to our experienced vets through a video consultation

3. Get the record sent to your email

After your chat, you’ll get an email with details for your pet’s medical record.

What do our customers say?

Second experience with the doctors on this app and I am just always so impressed! They are knowledgeable, give real time advice, and help to de-escalate those crazy premature thoughts that tend to run through your mind when your pet is sick. These people are heroes!

Wonderful! Very informative! Was a great experience! Short and to the point and was not stressful for my kitty! The main reason I was interested in at home virtual vet was that it's so stressful on the cats to have to go in the car and be somewhere foreign and often loud and just not a calm setting so I am very thankful!

I am truly appreciative! The veterinarian was patient and educated me on what could have been causing the problem. With the education and the suggestions on how to treat, Ace is back to normal!!! Thank you so much!

With FirstVet, the vet clinic and pet shop are only one tap away. Get fast advice, trusted care and the right pet supplies – every day, all year round.


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