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Cleaning teeth

Hello, I wanted to ask if you recommend cleaning cats teeth as I found conflicting information online. If so how often do you recommend it and what tools should we use. The cat is over 1 year, eats 65% dry food and 35% wet, doesn’t seem to have any issues with eating so I wanted to check as a prophylactic measure. Regards,

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Hello and thanks for your question to FirstVet
It is a good idea to brush your cat's teeth daily. In this way, oral hygiene is improved and tartar settles only minimally.
It is most important to brush the outside of the teeth, as this is where tartar most often settles. You do not need to brush the inside.
Brush preferably with a very soft little toothbrush e.g. a baby toothbrush or a surgical toothbrush. You can use water or toothpaste for cat.

Good luck
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Veterinarian Charlotte, FirstVet