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Personal Data Responsibility and Reason for Treatment


This Privacy Policy applies when FirstVet AB, filial i Finland ("FirstVet", "we", "our", "us"), organization number 2905514-4, Itämerenkatu 5, 00180 Helsinki, carries out the processing of personal data relating to persons using FirstVet services (“you", "your").

FirstVet processing of personal data complies with the Universal Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("Data Protection Regulation").


Processing of personal data when using FirstVet services is based on an agreement with you, the registered person. Treatment also takes place to comply with legal obligations under law and authority decisions.


Purpose of treatment


FirstVet processes your personal information when it is necessary to perform in agreement with you. FirstVet has to process personal data in order to deliver the services and products that FirstVet offers and therefore you can not be a customer at FirstVet without processing your personal information.


Your personal information is used for billing, information and delivery of products, performance of services and contact with you as a customer. Personal data is also used to make your animal's records available to you.


FirstVet processes your personal information in the manner required to comply with obligations that concern FirstVet according to government decisions and laws, such as, for example, Law. (2009: 302) on animal health activities and the Bookkeeping Act (1999: 1078).


FirstVet will also process your personal information to post you with relevant information about your account and about services we can offer, as well as other useful information for you as a pet owner.


Personal data being processed


A personal data is all information that can be linked to a living person. FirstVet collects and processes various types of personal data in the course of its business, depending on how you claim our service and the insurance company to which you are affiliated.


The following personal information will FirstVet collect from you when you use FirstVet services:


If you contact FirstVet Customer Service for assistance with a case or for refund, the case will require FirstVet to process your personal information. Personal data processed in the context of customer service may include:


FirstVet may also collect certain personal data from sources other than yourself:


Recipient of personal data


FirstVet's service is technically complicated and requires that we cooperate with and interact with other actors and that we take the help of developers and suppliers. FirstVet will therefore help others to process your personal information when it is necessary to (i) comply with the agreement with you, (ii) comply with law, constitution or decision. The following types of recipients may be relevant:


FirstVet treats as much of its data as possible within the EU / EEA. If data is transferred to be processed by a supplier or subcontractor outside the EU / EEA and / or countries with a decision of the EU Commission on adequate protection, the recipient has always entered into contractual terms that ensure that the recipient maintains a level of protection comparable to the EU / EEA. FirstVets personal information services in the United States are certified according to the Privacy Shield partnership.


Preservation of personal data


Personal data is retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described above. This means that most personal information about you will be deleted automatically after a statutory filing period has expired or your account with FirstVet has been disabled.


FirstVet maintains data contained in records for five years from the last assignment entered into the journal.


FirstVet is required by the Bookkeeping Act (1999: 1078) to keep certain personal data, eg. those appearing in invoices and similar accounting documents for seven years. Personal data retained for accounting purposes will only be used for that purpose.


Information about you linked to your user account on will be retained as long as your account is open. You can choose to close your account and FirstVet will delete your information when they do not need to be retained for other purposes, as described above.


Disposal of personal data


Personal data is erased or personalized when the data no longer needs to be retained. Individuals mean that the information can no longer be used to identify a person.


Before the data is used as a basis for statistics and product development, they are personalized and aggregated, meaning they can no longer be linked to you, either by FirstVet or by anyone else. The information no longer contains personal information.


When FirstVet performs a burst of personal data, this can not be revoked / restored and when the thinning has been carried out, no person can be associated with the remaining information.


Information security


FirstVet takes the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data processed in accordance with Section 2 of the Data Protection Regulation as a person responsible for personal data. FirstVet has specific internal guidelines and processes to address information security issues and to prevent and detect leaks.


If your personal information is covered by an incidental security incident (so-called "personal data incident"), FirstVet will contact you in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.




The FirstVet website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor's computer and which allow you to follow what the visitor does on the website.


There are two types of cookies:

  1. A permanent cookie that is left on the visitor's computer for a certain amount of time.
  2. A session cookie stored temporarily in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.


FirstVet uses cookies for to work, for statistics and for the purpose of enabling advertising. contains cookies that note your visit to the website to implement advertising on other websites.


No identification information, such as email or name, is saved about visitors through cookies.


The visitor may choose not to accept cookies by turning off cookies in their own browser's security settings.


The visitor can also set the browser so that he or she receives a question each time the site tries to place a cookie on the visitor's computer. Through the browser, previously stored cookies can also be deleted. See the browser's help pages for more information.


The National Post and Telecom Agency, which is the supervisory authority in this area, provides further information about cookies on its website (


Your journal


FirstVet users have the opportunity to read and access their animal records. In your user account you can log in, see your visits and the veterinarian's conclusions, diagnoses and possible referrals.


Your rights


You are entitled to withdraw consent for a particular treatment without charge without prejudice to the legality of the treatment before withdrawal. For example, you may have chosen to agree that FirstVet will contact you with newsletters and other mailings. You can then choose to unsubscribe by following a link in these messages.


You are entitled to request that treatment be restricted to storage and object to treatment.


You may also request a registry extract, in electronic format or on paper. FirstVet will compile information about how your personal information is processed and send it to you, usually within a month.


You are entitled to request that FirstVet correct personal information that you consider incorrect and to provide additional personal information (in specific cases) if you believe that the personal information FirstVet has treated has given you an incorrect picture.


You have the right to request that FirstVet delete your personal information. FirstVet will then delete personal information that FirstVet does not have to preserve to fulfill legal obligations. FirstVet will continue to process personal data in some other cases, including when personal data must be processed to fulfill an agreement with you. FirstVet will always respond to you and explain his views on what personal information FirstVet is entitled to continue processing.


You always have the right to file a complaint with the Authority, the Data Inspectorate (under name change to the Privacy Authority).


If you wish to request a registry excerpt, revoke a consent, or correct / delete an assignment, please turn to:

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