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Are heartworms curable?


If my 13 year old dog has heartworms can meds get rid of them and with dogs eventually start coughing and gagging continuously?

Old cat problems


My cat has become very skinny compared to what he used to be. He has minimal teeth left and eats only canned cat food. I'm worried as he seems to be meowing alot more lately and he eats plenty,but it ...

Upset stomach


Can I give her over the counter medicine like I take for instance Pepto

Leg issues


<p>My dog left hind leg is swollen and he can't put pressure on it..he has a limp.</p>

Eye starting to present like Sunny’s


I have been working to remedy a stubborn eye infection with my male cat for 3+ weeks now - it didn’t respond to an antibiotic and recently has started to improve slowly with a steroid. It seems like ...



I have an almost 11 week old pug puppy, female. Last night we had a very very minor accident. When walking across the room she got under my feet and I barely slightly push/ kicked her and stepped on ...

Heart worm


Will a 7 way dewormer work on hear worm

Eye discharge/sneezing.


My cat has green eye boogers and is sneezing. He seem to have got my female cat(rugs mom) sick as well and she just had another litter of kittens they are two weeks old. And two of them so far have on...

Cat has UTI


My cat has been having a hard time peeing, only able to do it while spraying (causing him to spray everywhere inside the house) he's also been crying a TON to go outside and spray. There is something ...

Fraction in a right leg


Wat can I do?

Help for eye infection


I have a female veiled chameleon with an infected right eyeball, I believe. I’ve seen many people using saline solution to flush the bacteria out; however, I am not able to acquire one. Are there any ...

Should I get her micochipped


I was wandering if I should get her micochipped since she is a full blood Pomeranian and if so how much would it cost me?



I've been made responsible for a dog that was taken from a very bad situation yesterday. Her eyes are puffy, she is malnourished and lethargic. she has very bad gas and her ears may have had mites w...

My bird is lethargic


<p>My bird luna is really tired and has been sleeping in the daytime and night time she also has rough feathers, sneezes, and scratches her self and I don't know what to do with her. I've been want to...

broken toenail


she recently had all.her teeth removed and used to bite her back nails now she can't bite thrm and she has broke 2 now I've used corn starch to stop bleeding what else can I do till I go to vet Monda...

Chewed tail feather


I’m trying to transition Skyler to a cage but it’s been a bit difficult because he gets scared. Today I showed him around the cage and there were plenty of fun toys and he seemed to be excited. I gave...



My dogs losing his teeth and won't eat and hasnt been eating what is something I could do to help him



Licking aggressively is this normal

Bites scratchs


She is biting and scratching a lot should I be concerned

Ear yeast infection care


What do I use to help prevent any future infections reoccurring? Preferably something I can purchase over the counter