Bunny rabbit and Christmas tree

Help! My rabbit has eaten needles from our Christmas tree, is it dangerous?

During the festive season many of us will have a Christmas tree at home. It is not uncommon for curious rabbits to take the opportunity to investigate the branches if they are within reach. But what really happens if a rabbit happens to eat pine needles? Read what our vet answers about one of the most common questions that rabbit owners have during the Christmas season here!

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My rabbit has eaten pine needles from our Christmas tree! Is it dangerous?

Our vet answers

Ordinary pine needles are not dangerous for rabbits, although they are typically sharp and spiky. However, it is important to consider that some commercially grown varieties may be heavily sprayed with chemicals. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed parts of the Christmas tree to your rabbits. Also be aware of similar tree species, such as yew, which is toxic to most animals.

In general, rabbits are very good at sorting out things that are toxic or unsuitable to eat. Cases of poisoning are therefore thankfully uncommon in rabbits.

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