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Preventing separation anxiety in dogs after the coronavirus pandemic

Dogs are spending more time than ever with their owners and they can be a real boon in these stressful times. Unfortunately, as families gradually return to work and school, there's a risk that some dogs may suffer from separation anxiety, even those who in the past may have been fine alone for short periods. Help with dog training, via video call, in person or through online courses, embraces the wide variety of ways in which you can learn to teach your canine friend, and aims to help to prevent behavioural problems arising.

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Preventing separation anxiety in dogs after the coronavirus pandemic

Here are some top tips to help prevent your dog developing separation related problems. For the foreseeable future, some of us may be more limited in what we can do and where we can go than others, so do adapt to suit your current circumstances.

  1. You may only be able to walk your dog once a day or not at all. So, try and plan a balanced mix of games and activities for your dog that you can do at home
  2. If you're at home all the time, be careful not to give your dog far more attention than you would normally. It will only make it harder for them when you go back to work
  3. Regularly give them time alone. Maybe leave them in their crate or another room for short periods, perhaps with a chew toy to help them settle calmly

Could training help your dog or do you want to know more?

This article was written by Vicky Carne, founder of The Dog Coach. Contact Vicky via the website for more information or to book an appointment.

Following a career in publishing and technology, Vicky’s lifelong interest in animal behaviour led her to the study of modern dog training methods, and she has now spent over a decade as a dog trainer. She has run puppy classes, had many puppies to stay for board and training, and worked one-to-one with hundreds of dogs and their owners. Her focus has always been on helping owners quickly learn what they need to know when they bring a new puppy or older dog into their home.

With that in mind, a couple of years ago, she published her first online courses for new puppy owners. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the greater need for online training, she is now also publishing courses by other leading dog trainers, supported by her through online groups. Her mission is to help busy families become trained, happy owners enjoying life with their happy, trained dogs.

Please follow the link to book a puppy or dog training video appointment with The Dog Coach.

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