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Is saffron dangerous for dogs and cats?

There are many delicious treats during Christmas that tempt both our dogs and cats. But what really happens if our animals happen to ingest saffron, one of Christmas' most popular spices? Is saffron toxic to dogs or cats? Read what our vet says here!

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Saffron and dogs

Unfortunately, it is unclear exactly how toxic saffron is to dogs. Typically, pure saffron ingestion in dogs results in a stomach upset. There is some evidence to suggest that ingesting 20 grams of saffron can cause death. Therefore, this indicates that a relatively high dose of saffron must be eaten for it to be really dangerous.

However, be aware that the dogs can instead be poisoned by raisins or dough, if they eat a saffron bun(s) or the dough itself.

Saffron and cats

Unfortunately, there is no information on how toxic saffron is for cats. It is probably safe to apply the same principle as for dogs: high doses are required for ingestion to be dangerous for cats.

However, similar to dogs, cats can be poisoned by raisins and fermenting dough, so keep your cat away from the kitchen when you are baking!

When to contact a vet?

  • If you are worried that your cat or dog has ingested a large amount of saffron or other food item

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