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Weight Dog - Body Condition Scoring (BCS) in Dogs

Is my dog too fat or too skinny? A guide to body condition scoring in dogs

Have you ever wondered if your pet needs feeding up, or if you need to cut out the treats? When vets assess your dog’s weight they are not just looking at the number on the scales but also assessing s...

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How to physically examine your pet at home

You’ve probably seen your vet examine your pet nose-to-tail plenty of times. Read our article to learn what they are looking at, listening to or feeling for and how to do it at home!

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Cute dog lying in bed with head on pillow

Why is my dog scooting? Recognising anal gland problems in dogs

When dogs drag their bottom along the floor, we often call this commonly seen behaviour ‘scooting’. It is usually associated with irritation of their anal glands, which sit just inside the anus at the...

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Group of horses in a field of wheat

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) is the name given to a group of clinical conditions, similar to human metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. A proportion of horses are genetically at risk of developi...

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Golden retriever with treat on nose

Obesity in Dogs

It is becoming more and more common for dogs to be overweight. You may not worry if your dog is a little round, but even being slightly overweight can affect a dog's health, and even shorten its lifes...

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Grey cat lying down on bed

Obesity in Cats

More and more cats are developing obesity. A cat is considered overweight if it weighs over 20% more than its ideal body weight. If it weighs more than 20% above its ideal weight, it is classified as ...

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Weight Cat UK

Is my cat too fat or too skinny? A guide to body condition scoring in cats

Have you ever wondered if your cat is an ideal weight? How do you know if you need to cut out on some of the treats? It is important to keep your cat an ideal weight throughout their life to prevent d...

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