Let's have a pet friendly Christmas.

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be full of potential dangers for your pet. Flashy decorations, festive foods, and yummy treats make us humans very happy, but they are also very tempting and risky for our pets, especially dogs and cats. We may be aware that Christmas pudding and chocolate are not good for our beloved pets. However, with a house full of guests and food it is hard to be on the lookout all the time.

At FirstVet, our vets receive the highest number of calls from worried pet owners in December. So, we have gathered all the information you will need to ensure that both you and your pet can avoid unwanted surprises and instead enjoy a happy holiday season.

The most common symptoms pets experience during the holiday season are:

✔ Stomach problems after eating something they shouldn't.

✔ Injuries from fights with other pets.

✔ Poisoning after eating plants.

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The most common reasons pet owners contact FirstVet during the holiday season.

✔ My dog has eaten chocolate, raisins, a mince pie, Christmas decorations, or something else it shouldn't have.

✔ My cat has a wound, or is limping, after climbing the Christmas tree, or playing with the decorations.

✔ My cat has a urinary infection.

✔ My dog or cat has been in a fight with another animal.

My dog or cat is scared of fireworks.

The most dangerous things to your pet during the holiday season.

✔ Unbaked dough
✔ Raisins and grapes
✔ Christmas food
✔ Chocolate
✔ Water from the Christmas tree
✔ Antifreeze
✔ Tallow
✔ Nuts
✔ Candles and other decoration
✔ Strings from Christmas present wrapping
✔ Toxic plants such as lilies, mistletoe, and poinsettias

How you can prepare yourself ahead of Christmas?

✔ Review your pet's first aid kit to make sure that you have, for example, food for a bland diet, bandage materials, and a thermometer available at home.

✔ Get new toys or safe treats to keep your dog or cat busy.

✔ Prepare a place where the dog and cat can be left in peace, to reduce stress.

✔ Make sure that Christmas food and poisonous items are kept out of reach.

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