FirstVet is transforming veterinary medicine.

Connecting pet owners with experienced veterinarians, we ensure pet owners have access to instant, stress free care 24/7, that is loved by over 100,000 pet owners worldwide.

What is FirstVet?

FirstVet is a digital veterinary clinic with over 150 veterinarians worldwide. FirstVet is the largest provider of veterinary telemedicine services to pet owners.

We offer two main services to pet owners:

  • Affordable video call consultations with qualified and experienced veterinarians
  • Free text-based question service, answered by our vets within 48 hours

If you're interested in partnering with FirstVet, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Over 100,000 consultations delivered worldwide

90% of users would have visited a veterinary clinic

60% of cases are solved without requiring a referral to clinic

99.7% customer satisfaction from 40,000 reviews

FirstVet provides a flexible, modern work opportunity to veterinarians

  • Veterinary consultant NPS of 85, across our 150 FirstVet vets worldwide
  • Remote working and flexible shift patterns, provide an opportunity to supplement clinical work for extra income
  • Veterinarian focused clinical guidelines, with the service focused on initial advice and triage, not prescriptions or increasing traffic to the clinic

FirstVet allows insurance partners to ensure their customers get the right care: at home when possible, and in-clinic when necessary

  • An estimated 40% of pet health issues can be solved through video telemedicine, reducing the stress placed on animals through unnecessary clinical visits
  • FirstVet solves over 60% of pet owner issues through video calls, with over 90% of all calls claiming they would have visited a clinic had FirstVet not been available
  • When animals are referred to the clinic, FirstVet details patient notes and shares these with the referring clinic, letting the pet owner know what to expect, improving the customer journey and saving time in the clinic

FirstVet is the natural first point of touch for Pet Owners

  • A fast and effective service, providing 15 minute consultations that are available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Staffed by experienced veterinarians, with over three years of clinic work experience are on hand
  • Introducing clarity into the care process, referring to the most convenient local clinic when required

Very nice and loads of advice from this vet

Meshkiukas, Rottweiler Cross

Lovely lady who was very helpful and answered all my concerns. Thank you so much for your help.

Lottie, Cocker Spaniel

With FirstVet, the vet clinic and pet shop are only one tap away. Get fast advice, trusted care and the right pet supplies – every day, all year round.


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