Think you own the cutest pet in the whole country? Then put it to science.

We are giving Britons who believe they own the nation’s cutest animal the unique opportunity to have this claim scientifically evaluated.

We are working with Dr Jennifer Ragsdale of the University of Tulsa, who is leading a multiyear study quantifying the exact, true ‘cuteness’ of photos of adorable animals.

Until now, no pet-owners have been able to actively put forward their pets to have their cuteness scientifically defined in the University of Tulsa study. But we are enabling Britons to submit their pet for consideration in the next phase of research.

Let science determine your pets cuteness

For the chance to have science determine how cute your pet really is, send a photograph and name of your adorable animal, along with your name, to:

Those pets selected for inclusion in the study will have their photos analysed over the coming months, and the owners will then be informed of the results via email.

Take a look below at some of the highest-scoring pets evaluated in Dr Ragsdale’s research thus far. Think your pet is cuter than these?


Scientific cuteness rating:
84.82 / 100

Credit: WSJ


Scientific cuteness rating:
82.70 / 100

Credit: WSJ


Scientific cuteness rating:
83.35 / 100

Credit: Goseegoat

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