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Booster vaccination

Benson was due his annual booster vaccination at the end of April, but due to Covid 19 has been delayed and how long can a delay be before the vaccination becomes ineffective. Thanks Gary Burnell

Vet at FirstVet answers:



Thank you for contacting FirstVet. This is a very good question that lots of owners have at the moment due to Covid-19 changes.


The vaccines that your dog has received contain vaccines against several different diseases. A vaccine is boosted dependent on the duration of immunity that it provides and the level of risk to the animal. Duration of immunity is variable between individuals and naturally declines over time, which is why boosters are needed. For example, some vaccines are boosted every 6 months, and others every two years. The most common time frame is for boosters to be done annually. More detailed information about dog vaccines can be found on our website:


Most vet clinics are currently providing vaccinations, on a case by case basis, where there is a strong disease risk to the animal and the local animal population. This is variable across the UK and depends on location and the individual animal in question. Each clinic has their own protocols and safeguarding measures in place to protect pet owners, pets and their staff, so it is important to call ahead of any potential visit. 


If you have any further questions, I would recommend booking an appointment with one of our vets so that we can give you with more specific advice. I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us again with further questions.


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Jessica May MRCVS