Ask a veterinarian - Dog

Why is my dog scooting and why is there mucus/slime on its stool?

Vet at FirstVet answers:

Dogs scoot when there is an itch or inflammation around the anus, which is most commonly caused by problems with the anal glands or irritation to the anal region from dried faeces due to diarrhoea. Dogs that have allergies or dietary sensitivities can also be found scooting. Worm infestations do not usually cause irritation to the anus. If your dog scoots it is wise to consult a vet to prevent complications with for example anal gland infections.

Slime (a.k.a. mucus) in the faeces is a sign of inflammation of the large intestine. Causes include a sudden change in diet and chronic inflammation (such as IBD or IBS). If you decide to change your dog’s diet it is important to do so gradually so that the dog’s digestive tract can adapt to the new food. The recommendation is to mix the old and the new diet and slowly increase the amount of the new food while decreasing the amount of the old food over a week’s period of time.