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How long does a cat need to wear a buster collar (Elizabethan collar) after it has been neutered?

Vet at FirstVet answers:

In general, spayed females need to wear an E-collar up to (at least) 10 days after the surgical procedure. Some need to wear it longer than that. This depends on how well the wound has healed and if the cat tries to get to the wound as soon as the collar is removed.

If you remove the e-collar and notice that your cat directly starts licking its wound you need to put the collar back on.

It is a good idea to check the cat’s wound on a daily basis. If you notice it has become swollen or has developed a gooey discharge it might have gotten infected. Consult a veterinarian if this is the case.

Tomcats often do not need to wear an e-collar after they have been castrated.


Last updated: 2019-04-04

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