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3 Great Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

Outdoor dog activities

Looking for fun, easy activities to enjoy with your dog? Grab a small handful of treats and head outdoors! Your dog will love spending the extra time with you, and you’ll both benefit from the fresh air and exercise!

Treat tree

Create your own treat tree while on a walk with your dog. Place small treats around any tree and even hide some in the bark. Have your dog sit and wait while you prepare the game. Then, ask your dog to search for the hidden treats.

Going for a long walk or hike? Stop at several trees along the way to continue the game!

Hide and Seek

Searching for hidden toys or treats is a good mental exercise for your dog. Hide and seek may be played indoors, or outdoors in your yard or while on a walk.

Step 1. Choose your dog’s favorite toy or treat (toys filled with tasty goodies are always a hit!)

Step 2. Show your dog the treat, allowing them to smell it. Ask your dog to “Wait” while you hide the treat in an appropriate hiding place.

Step 3. Ask your dog to look for the treat by saying, “Find it”. If your dog needs help or is new to the game, you may need to help him search. Repeatedly say, “Find it” while moving closer to the hidden object and guiding your dog in the right direction.

Step 4. Once your dog has found the hidden treat, praise her and allow her to enjoy her reward. Repeat as desired!

Agility, Heel Work, and Other Training Activities

Obedience training is entertaining and interactive. There are many skills you can teach your dog. With a little time and consistency, you may have your dog lying down, shaking paws, giving high fives, crawling, rolling, or even making her way through obstacles.

Heel work is a simple obedience activity to start with any dog:

Step 1. Hold a treat by your leg. Allow the dog to see the treat but not take it.

Step 2. Say “Heel” for the dog to walk with you - her head should be beside or just behind your treat hand.

Step 3. Begin by walking a few steps and rewarding your dog with the treat. As your dog learns, extend the walk further and further.

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