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How to Apply “Spot On” Medication to Your Dog or Cat

Some products used to prevent ticks, fleas, and worms are applied directly onto the skin. These are sometimes called "spot on" medications.Here you will find tips and advice on how to apply them safely and effectively to your pet.

Spot on treatments are placed directly onto the skin at the back of your pet’s neck. This area is difficult for your pet to reach and prevents licking of the medication.

Start by reading the instruction pamphlet. This contains important information about the medicine, including the correct dosage for your pet, how often to repeat the treatment, and possible side effects to look out for.

The dose will depend on the age, weight, and species of your pet. Giving the correct dose will ensure that the treatment is effective and that your pet is fully protected.

It’s very important to always use cat-specific products for cats. Dog-specific products must never be applied to cats as they can cause serious toxicity!

1. If necessary, temporarily remove your pet’s collar before applying the product.

2. Offer your pet a treat or place a treat on the floor to distract them while you apply the medication.

3. Part the fur at the back of the neck and apply the drops directly onto the skin.

4. Apply the entire tube unless your vet or the instruction pamphlet has advised a different dose.

5. Avoid touching the application spot until the treatment has dried.

6. Finish by washing your hands.

7. Wait for 24 hours before bathing your pet or allowing them to swim.

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