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Pet Medication 101: Tylenol

can dogs have tylenol

It’s important to understand a medication’s uses and side effects before giving it to your pet. This medication info sheet is meant to give you a good understanding of what Tylenol (acetaminophen) is used for, how it works, and potential side effects in cats and dogs. Always consult a veterinarian before giving your pet any medication.

1. Drug Name:


2. Common Name or Brand Name:


3 How Dispensed:

Over-the-counter and prescription (when combined with codeine)

4. Forms:

tablet, caplet, chewable tablets, oral liquid, rectal suppositories. Multiple strengths are available so be sure to read the label carefully.

5. Drug Type/Class:

COX inhibitor, not a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID)

6. Uses for Cats and/or Dogs:

Analgesic/pain reliever, anti-fever

7. How it Works:

While the full mechanism is not fully understood, it is thought that acetaminophen inhibits COX 3 and COX 1, which helps to block pain and swelling.

8. Side Effects and/or Signs of Overdose:

Potential for kidney, liver, GI, and blood problems. May also cause respiratory distress, cyanosis, depression, and even death.

9. Drug Interactions:

Barbiturates, certain chemotherapy drugs, certain dewormers

10. Cautionary Statements:

Never give to cats. Use with caution in pets with liver or kidney disease.

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