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indoor outdoor cat

Safety Considerations for Indoor and Outdoor Cats

Does it have to be one or the other? Can our cats have both? Continue reading to learn more about indoor vs. outdoor cats, feline behavior, safety, and how to provide enrichment for your cat.

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Outdoor dog activities

3 Great Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

Looking for fun, easy activities to enjoy with your dog? Grab a small handful of treats and head outdoors! Your dog will love spending the extra time with you, and you’ll both benefit from the fresh a...

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winter rabbit safety

Winter Safety Tips for Rabbits

Rabbits housed outdoors often do very well in cold weather, but they need some extra care and modifications to the hutch. Rabbits do not hibernate, so they will maintain their normal routines and beha...

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rabbit health

7 Important Things to Know about Rabbits

Thinking of adding a rabbit to your family? Or do you just want to learn a little more about rabbits in general? Here’s our list of 7 of the most important things you need to know about bunnies!

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cat and dog sunburn

Sunburn in Dogs and Cats

Most of us have had a sunburn at some point during our lives. Unpleasant and painful, sunburn or solar dermatitis is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) sun rays when we spend too much time in ...

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Active dog breeds

5 Active Dog Breeds for Energetic Pet Parents

Part of being a good pet parent is choosing the right pet to fit your lifestyle and energy. If you are an active person, you might want to choose a pet that is equally active. Some dog breeds are high...

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dog snake bite prevention

Snake Bite Prevention and Treatment for Pets

Like many pet owners, you may want to enjoy the outdoors with your dog or cat. In many parts of the United States, venomous snakes can pose a serious and often forgotten threat to companion animals. ...

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rabbit cage

Rabbit Housing Tips

Rabbits can live indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both. Continue reading to find out what types of cages are best and what you should have in your bunny’s cages to keep them happy and healthy....

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Flea anemia in dgos and cats

Flea Anemia in Dogs and Cats

While many dogs and cats with fleas may only experience some itching or no symptoms at all, heavy infestations in kittens or puppies can be fatal. Several fleas on a very young kitten or puppy can cau...

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cat toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis in Cats

You may have heard that doctors advise women, considering pregnancy or who become pregnant, to get rid of their cat(s) or have their partner clean the litter box(es) for the duration of their pregnanc...

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Common skin parasites in cats

Common Skin Parasites in Cats

No matter what precautions you take in safeguarding your cat’s health and well-being, skin parasites (ectoparasites) are always a constant threat. These ubiquitous creatures can wreak havoc on the lif...

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cat scratching furniture

Help! Why is my cat destroying my house?!

Many cats live in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Unfortunately, others can claw sofas, climb drapes, and even spray urine on the furniture. It’s important to understand that your cat is not ...

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Dog celebrating

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet During Pet Wellness Month

Did you know that October is National Pet Wellness Month? That’s a whole 31 days devoted to caring for your pet’s physical and mental well-being! This initiative was started in 2004 and is meant to ed...

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feline AIDS virus

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV, is a retrovirus that infects felines only (it cannot spread to people, dogs or other animals). FIV is found around the world but is not as prevalent as the Felin...

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Dog breeds

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Dog Breed

There are so many dog breeds that it can seem impossible to choose the perfect pet. All dogs need care, exercise, and training, but there can be big differences between the many breeds. You’ll want to...

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Cat Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke in Cats

Many cats like the heat, but just like humans, they can suffer from heat stroke if exposed to extreme temperatures for too long. Easy access to plenty of fresh water is essential. Unlike dogs, cats do...

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puppy parvo treatment

Parvovirus in Puppies: A Treatment and Prevention Q&A

You just got a new puppy, how exciting! You want to bring your new furry family member with you everywhere, but your vet just recommended waiting until after she finishes her puppy vaccine series. Why...

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New kitten

Tips for Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten

Planning on bringing home a new furry family member? What can you do to prepare? Here we share our best tips to prepare for your new cat’s arrival.

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dog flea treatment

Flea Prevention and Control for Dogs

Is your dog scratching more than usual? Are you seeing live fleas on your dog? Are you seeing black spots or flecks in your dog’s hair coat? Your dog likely has fleas. Continue reading to learn how to...

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dog rabies

Rabies in Dogs

Rabies is an incurable virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord. All mammals, including dogs and humans, can catch rabies. While it’s preventable, once the symptoms of rabies appear, the virus is ...

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feline leukemia virus

Feline Leukemia Virus

Feline Leukemia Virus, or FeLV, is a retrovirus that infects felines only (domestic cats and some wild felids like cheetahs and the Florida panther). Feline Leukemia is the most common infectious dise...

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