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Border collie dog happy, vegan diets for pets

Can my dog eat a vegan or vegetarian diet?

Technically yes, dogs can survive on both a vegan or vegetarian diet. However, there are some important things to understand to ensure that your dog gets the right nutrition for their age, size and ge...

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Bunny rabbit and Christmas tree

Help! My rabbit has eaten needles from our Christmas tree, is it dangerous?

During the festive season many of us will have a Christmas tree at home. It is not uncommon for curious rabbits to take the opportunity to investigate the branches if they are within reach. But what r...

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Horse and rider in a snow scene

6 important winter tips for horse owners

When it is cold and snowing, there are some important things to keep in mind in the stable and when handling horses. Here we share some useful tips and advice for horse owners this winter!

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Black horse in stable and fireworks

How to create a safe New Year's Eve for your horse

New Year's Eve and other celebrations can bring mixed feelings for horse owners. Many people will be familiar with their horse’s behaviour. However, it can be difficult to know how they will react to ...

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Dogs paws with nails on human hand

Nail clipping - how to cut your dog's claws

It is important to cut your dog's claws regularly because long claws can increase the risk of injury. What should you keep in mind when cutting your dog's claws and how often should you cut them? Here...

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Scared puppy, fireworks training for dogs

How to prepare your dog for fireworks with training

Many dogs are afraid of fireworks – and why wouldn’t they be! Unfortunately, firework displays aren’t limited to 5th November, so it’s best to be prepared at any time from October through New Year’s E...

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Dog and cat in autumn leaves

7 things that are dangerous for your pet in the Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful season, both for humans and animals. Many people want to be out in the fresh air, but the bright days get shorter and it gets darker outside faster. Remember that unlit bonfires ...

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Which mushrooms are dangerous to dogs?

Read our article to know more about how to recognise dangerous mushrooms, which signs they can cause if eaten by dogs and how to act in case of suspected poisoning.

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Cat lying down on bed

Help! My cat pees in the wrong place, what should I do?

It is a relatively common problem that a cat who has always used a litter tray can suddenly start to urinate on the bed, the carpet or other inappropriate place. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ...

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Grey cat lying down on bed

Obesity in Cats

More and more cats are developing obesity. A cat is considered overweight if it weighs over 20% more than its ideal body weight. If it weighs more than 20% above its ideal weight, it is classified as ...

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Golden retriever with treat on nose

Obesity in Dogs

It is becoming more and more common for dogs to be overweight. You may not worry if your dog is a little round, but even being slightly overweight can affect a dog's health, and even shorten its lifes...

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Dog coach teaching dog to sit

Preventing separation anxiety in dogs after the coronavirus pandemic

Dogs are spending more time than ever with their owners and they can be a real boon in these stressful times. Unfortunately, as families gradually return to work and school, there's a risk that some d...

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Dog browsing the web on tablet with glasses on

How to socialise your puppy while social distancing

If you've recently got a puppy, you might find the guidance you've seen around socialisation difficult to follow during the coronavirus outbreak. Help with dog training, via video call, in person or t...

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Vet examining dog's leg

What is physiotherapy and how can it help my dog?

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function after an injury, illness or long-term disability. It also prevents and reduces the risk of injury or illness in the future. Veterinary physiotherap...

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Golden retriever dog smiling

Castrating a male dog - advantages and disadvantages

It is very common to castrate male dogs. The procedure can be done in different ways, either surgically or chemically. Here we answer some of your most common questions and concerns about neutering ma...

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Cute dog lying in bed with head on pillow

Neutering female dogs - advantages and disadvantages

Spaying female dogs has always been common, but what do you need to consider when making this decision to neuter your dog? During a spay, both the ovaries and the uterus are removed. This is called an...

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Grey cat sleeping in a ball

Neutering your cat – advantages and disadvantages

It is very common for cats to be neutered in the UK. When castrating male cats, the testicles are removed. When neutering female cats, the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed (ovariohyster...

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Three Rabbits sitting together

7 things to know before buying a rabbit

Are you considering buying a pair of rabbits? Or are you just curious to learn a little more about rabbits in general? Great! Maybe you are wondering what rabbits eat, how they should live and their ...

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Group of horses in a field of wheat

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) is the name given to a group of clinical conditions, similar to human metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. A proportion of horses are genetically at risk of developi...

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Dog running through a field outside

3 great games to entertain your dog outdoors

Using a small handful of dog treats you can easily do fun outdoor activities with your dog. Also, be sure to give your dog a little extra exercise if you have more time than usual.

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Orange cat outside in snow

Summer dangers for cats

Summer means that both we and our cats can spend more time outdoors. However, for cats, the hot weather and being out in nature, can pose a number of risks. In this article you can read about some of ...

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