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Pet Medication 101: Carprofen

Carprofen for dogs

It’s important to understand a medication’s uses and side effects before giving it to your pet. This medication info sheet is meant to give you a good understanding of what Rimadyl (carprofen) is used for, how it works, and potential side effects in cats and dogs. Always consult a veterinarian before giving your pet any medication.

1. Drug Name:


2. Common Name or Brand Names:

Rimadyl, Novox, Vetprofen, Quellin, Carprieve, Carpovet, Norocarp

3. How Dispensed:


4. Forms:

Caplets (25, 75, 100 mg), tablets (same strengths), injectable (50mg/ml)

5. Drug Type/Class:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID)

6. Uses in Cats and Dogs:

Carprofen is used to treat pain and inflammation in a variety of species. It is FDA approved for use in dogs and is used “off-label” for cats, birds, reptiles, and other large and small animals.

7. How it Works:

Inhibits COX, phospholipase A2, and prostaglandin synthesis, decreasing inflammatory pathways.

8. Side Effects and/or Signs of Overdose:

Stomach upset (vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite)

Serious side effects or overdose can lead to liver, kidney, or GI damage (bloody stool, bloody vomit)

9. Drug Interactions:

Never use carprofen with steroid medications.

Use caution when taking aspirin or other NSAIDs.

Use caution when carprofen is taken with ACE inhibitors, cyclosporine, digoxin, insulin, diuretics.

10. Cautionary Statements:

Use caution in pets with severe heart, kidney, and liver disease.

Do not use in pets with bleeding disorders or low platelet counts.

Use caution in pets that are pregnant, nursing, or under 6 weeks of age.

Use with caution in cats.

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