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How to deal with your dog's ear infection (otitis externa)

Is your dog head-shaking or rubbing at the ears? Are said ears red, itchy or dirty or smell bad? Odds are they are having an ear infection. Read on for what you need to know about how to deal with it!...

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Cat sitting in a field not eating or drinking

Help! My cat isn't eating

A cat that is a fussy eater or likes to pick or play with their food is very different to a cat who normally loves their food and has stopped eating. Is your car drinking? Is it possible that your cat...

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Dog laying in grass with cushing's disease

Cushing's disease in dogs

Cushing’s disease is one of the most common hormone disorders affecting dogs. At normal levels, the hormone cortisol helps the body to respond to stress and regulates the immune system. It is produced...

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Cat laying down with eye problem infection

Eye problems in cats and dogs

Eye injuries are a true emergency! Pet’s eyes can easily become irritated or scratched. Dogs are often in and out of grasses, hedgerows, and crops. Cats often like to climb trees or may pick up an inj...

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Dog in the countryside on a walk Lyme disease

Lyme Disease in dogs

Lyme Disease in dogs is a rare chronic inflammatory disease that affects many body systems. Humans and other animals, such as cats, can be infected by Lyme disease too. The vast majority of ticks wil...

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Dog on a forest walk, minor wound

How to treat minor wounds on your pet

There’s probably not a dog or cat alive that has never returned home from their outdoor adventures with a scrape, scratch or cut. Either caught up in a tight spot, on a sharp (metallic) object or even...

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Cat kitten sleeping in the sun

Cats and kittens - from a vet's perspective

In this article we answer some of the most common questions about looking after a new kitten.

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Puppy dog in the sun being held

Puppies - from a vet's perspective

In this article we answer some of the most common questions about looking after a new puppy.

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dog with large ears parvo parvovirus

Canine parvovirus infection in dogs

Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a highly infectious viral disease that can be fatal to dogs. Puppies between the ages of six weeks and six months, and unvaccinated dogs, are most at risk. Our vet advises h...

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kennel cough in dogs dog with tongue out

Kennel cough in dogs

Kennel cough is a common respiratory disease in dogs, caused by a number of bacteria and viruses. Here you can read more about signs, causes and treatment of kennel cough in dogs - and how to prevent ...

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Cat laying on sofa cosy cat flu

Cat flu - signs, diagnosis and treatment

Cat flu is a collective name for upper respiratory tract infection in cats. Here you will learn more about the infection, how to prevent it and treat if your cat should be affected! Cat flu is a commo...

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dog in crass canine seasonal illness SIC

Seasonal canine illness (SCI)

Seasonal canine illness (canine seasonal disease) is a relatively rare condition that typically affects dogs in the autumn. This condition has a rapid onset and is potentially fatal; symptoms often be...

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How to physically examine your pet at home

You’ve probably seen your vet examine your pet nose-to-tail plenty of times. Read our article to learn what they are looking at, listening to or feeling for and how to do it at home!

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A dog at home with vomiting and diarrhoea

Vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs

Vomiting and or diarrhoea is one of the most common reasons for a dog owner to seek veterinary advice. Dogs have a habit of eating all sorts of things that they shouldn’t, which can lead to a stomach ...

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White dog and cat with a fever

Why is antifreeze a danger to your pet?

The antifreeze component added to car and truck engine coolant and other car fluids keeps us safe while driving, but is unfortunately extremely toxic for cats and dogs (and people too, by the way) whe...

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Dog in a field with alabama rot

Alabama Rot in dogs - Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV)

Alabama Rot is a very rare disease that causes damage to the blood vessels in the skin and kidneys. It causes tiny blood clots which block the blood vessels and can ultimately damage the affected tiss...

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Are grapes and raisins poisonous to dogs?

Yes, some dogs are very susceptible to grapes’ or raisins’ toxic effects on their kidneys. Read our article to know more about the issue and how to protect your pet!

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Sad old dog and cat euthanasia

When is it time to say goodbye to your pet?

Making the decision to say goodbye to your dog or cat is the one of the most difficult things that you face as a pet owner. Our animals are dear friends, a family member, from whom we do not want to b...

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long brown snake bite

Snake bites – learn how to act fast and effectively!

The European adder (Vipera berus) is the only venomous snake that is native to the UK. Adults are approximately 50-60cm long with a brown zigzag pattern along their back and a V or X shaped marking on...

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Heat stroke dogs panting hot dog

Heat stroke in dogs - what signs should you look out for?

Did you know that dogs barely sweat? Their main way of cooling down is panting, where heat is lost in the air they breathe out. During hot or humid weather this process isn’t very effective, and they ...

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