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Lily poisoning in cats

Lilies are one of those everyday items we keep in our homes and gardens that are potentially deadly for our pets. Read our article to learn what you need to know to keep your cat safe.

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How to introduce cats

It's never easy introducing cats to each other and we've got some tips to help out!

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Can dogs eat almonds

My dog has a swollen face

Facial swelling in dogs can have multiple causes, all of which require veterinary attention. Facial swelling will usually be accompanied by pain and will generally make your dog feel miserable. Contin...

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Cat lying down on bed

My cat has a swollen face

Facial swelling in cats can have multiple causes, all of which require veterinary attention. Facial swelling will usually be accompanied by pain and will generally make your cat feel miserable. Contin...

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Dog drinking

Should I try to make my dog sick?

Occasionally, your pet may eat something that could be harmful and may need to visit their vet to be made sick. It is never recommended to make your pet sick at home. There are risks associated with i...

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How to reduce stress in multi-cat households

Are multi-cat households more stressful? Having more than one cat in the home can lead to feelings of stress, frustration and issues with aggression. Here you can find tips on how to reduce stress, ag...

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A dog looking through a window at a cat on the other side and the cat not caring

Dog and cat bites

The mouths of dogs and cats are filled with bacteria which can cause serious infections if a bite occurs. In addition the teeth can penetrate into tissue and cause both superficial and deeper, more se...

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How to clean your cat’s ears

Now and then your cat may have waxy ears that need cleaning. Not sure how to do it or what to use? Read our article to learn how to do this with the best results.

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Are shock collars really that bad?

A shock collar is a device which delivers an electric shock to an animal and is used as a training tool. They may also be called electronic collars, remote collars or e-collars. Continue reading this ...

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Cats hate water

Top tips for cat litter trays

Choosing the right litter tray for your cat is so important. From size, shape, location and substrate material, all of these things should be considered when choosing a tray. Read more about the corre...

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Why is my cat scratching at the furniture?

Scratching is a natural and very important behaviour for the cat. However problems can arise when cats scratch furniture or other objects in the house that the owner deems undesirable.

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How to make your garden cat friendly

Many cat owners spend time making their home more cat friendly, but often do not consider how cat friendly their garden is. If you have a garden where other cats from the neighbourhood frequent, this ...

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Halloween pets

Halloween hazards and Bonfire Night - how to keep your pet safe

Halloween can be a wonderful time of year with lots of sweets and chocolates in abundance, creative costumes and a great time had by all. However our pets may feel very different, with dangers posed b...

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Pros and cons of keeping a cat indoors

For most cat owners, it is an important decision on whether you should keep your cat indoors or allow them access to the outside world. There are pros and cons of both options which this article will ...

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Top five health problems in older cats

As cats age, they can be more prone to certain age related disease processes. Early detection and management of these age related issues leads to a better quality of life for older cats. Read more in ...

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Dog and cat blood work

Seizures in dogs

Seizures are common in dogs, especially in certain breeds where there is a genetic susceptibility to epilepsy. A seizure is essentially a disturbance of normal brain function. This leads to involuntar...

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Can my dog have turkey

Why does my vet want a stool sample from my pet?

Has your vet asked for a poo (faecal) sample from your pet? Have you ever wondered what these samples can tell us? Our vet explains how to collect a suitable sample and what tests can be done to help ...

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Petsitting cat

Is my cat drinking too much water?

Cats drink varying amounts of water depending on their diet. However, if you notice that your cat has increased their normal intake, it could be a clue to a number of internal disease processes. Read ...

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dog lying down

Fox tapeworm infection in dogs

The fox tapeworm is a type of tapeworm found in Europe, but not in the UK. The tapeworm is found in America, central Asia, Japan and China. Its scientific name is Echinococcus multilocularis. This inf...

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Haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis (HGE) in dogs and cats

Haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis (HGE) is a syndrome where a dog or cat passes diarrhoea and/or vomit containing fresh red blood. Sometimes they can have profuse watery bright red diarrhoea and it can ap...

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dog tongue ulcers

Gastric ulcers and gastritis in dogs

There are many reasons why your dog might be sick or not eat well. Gastritis is common but usually easily treatable. The stomach contains strong gastric acid, which is important in the breakdown of fo...

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