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Dog running on path outside

Worming your dog - Q&A

How do you know if your dog has worms? And when should you worm your dog? Dogs are at risk of being infected with many different worms, including roundworms, tapeworms and lungworm. They can pick them...

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Golden retriever with treat on nose

Demodex mites in dogs

Demodex mite species are cigar-shaped, microscopic mites, which live in hair follicles. Dogs catch these mites from their mothers in the first few days of life. Most dogs will never experience any cli...

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Two black dogs with sticks in the water

Water tail syndrome in dogs

Dogs who like to swim or spend a long time in cold or wet weather can sometimes suffer from something called limber tail syndrome. There are many other names for this condition including: cold water t...

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What are aural haematomas of dogs and cats?

Although its name sounds very complicated, an aural haematoma is in fact a fairly simple and not that rare condition seen both in dogs and cats. Read on for more about why it happens, how to spot it e...

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Cat lying down on bed

Choosing the right cat breed for you

Choosing the right breed of cat or kitten is an exciting time for every prospective owner. Owning a cat is very rewarding, whilst being a big responsibility. They are many breeds to choose from, and w...

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Golden retriever dog smiling

Hot spots (moist eczema) in dogs

Moist eczema is a description of a hot spot's appearance. Hot spots can occur quickly and then grow rapidly in size. Typically, moist eczema will have a mild clear discharge, the fur feels sticky and ...

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Fluffy golden dog smiling in park

Summer dangers for dogs

Summer means that we can be more out in nature with our dogs, especially as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are lifting. But with the heat, the great outdoors, swimming and barbecues come a number of r...

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Kitten in bed

Tips for buying a new cat or kitten

Is it almost time to bring home your new and long-awaited family member? How do you need to prepare? Here we share our best tips for planning for your new cat's arrival.

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Cute dog lying in bed with head on pillow

Why is my dog scooting? Recognising anal gland problems in dogs

When dogs drag their bottom along the floor, we often call this commonly seen behaviour ‘scooting’. It is usually associated with irritation of their anal glands, which sit just inside the anus at the...

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Black dog with tongue out

Why is my dog eating grass and vomiting?

Many dogs eat grass from time to time, and some will also vomit as a result. For a dog owner, it can be confusing to understand why your dog eats grass, especially as it appears to make him or her sic...

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Orange cat outside in snow

Heat stroke in cats - what signs should you look out for?

Many cats like the heat, but just like humans, they can suffer from heat stroke by staying in the sun for too long. Constant access to plentiful fresh water is essential. Cats do not pant like dogs to...

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Bee on flower

Wasp stings in dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are often curious. They like to investigate or hunt insects, and therefore run the risk of being stung. Most dogs and cats can cope well with a wasp or insect sting. In many cases, a sin...

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Two dogs on video call with vet

How to help your pet to be home alone again after Covid-19 quarantine: 5 tips

Many of our pets have enjoyed the extra time that they have had with their owners during the Covid-19 restrictions. As the lockdown is lifting, it is important to remember that your pet(s) will not un...

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Rabbit girl

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) is a highly contagious and usually fatal disease which affects rabbits. The disease is also known as Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and Rabbit Calicivirus (R...

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Rabbits 1

Vaccinating your rabbits

Vaccinations are the best way to protect your rabbits from serious infectious diseases. Sadly, the diseases which these vaccinations protect against, are often not treatable. They can affect both indo...

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Which plants are poisonous for rabbits?

Rabbits are inquisitive. They like to chew things and sample different plants and vegetation. In the wild they would learn which plants were safe to eat from their elders. However in captivity they do...

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Rabbits 4

Which plants are safe to feed rabbits?

Rabbits should be fed unlimited grass or hay for the main part of their diet. Rabbits like variation in their diet so you can keep their meal times exciting by feeding small amounts of different plant...

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Rabbits 5

Feeding your rabbits

Although we keep them as pets, domestic rabbits are still very similar to their wild cousins. In the wild, rabbits spend up to 70% of their day foraging and nibbling food. They have a similar digestiv...

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Rabbits with flystrike in a hutch

Flystrike in rabbits and other small furries

Flystrike is commonly caused by blue bottle and green bottle flies. Flystrike can strike very fast! Flies are attracted to urine or faeces, either in the rabbit hutch, or on the rabbit. They are also ...

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Mother dog with mastitis or swelling of the breast and nipples after pregnancy and the birth of the litter of puppies

Mastitis in dogs - what you can do to help, and when you should seek advice

Mastitis describes inflammation of the mammary tissue (breast tissue) that enables mothers to produce milk for new offspring. Mastitis is painful inflammation or infection of one or more of the mammar...

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A rabbit being well cared for in winter

Caring for rabbits and other rodents during the winter

It’s always best to be prepared so we thought that this would be a good time to talk about how to look after our smaller furry pets in colder Winter months. Rabbits, guinea pigs and most small rodents...

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